Introducing the EV Web Portal

EV are excited to announce the introduction of our latest innovation – the EV Web Portal!

After 20 years of championing our leading video technology and visual analytics solutions, our decision-enabling information is now more powerful than ever with the Web Portal. The all-in-one platform allows customer deliverables to be accessed easily and intuitively displayed. The cloud-based portal gives EV customers the ability to retrieve data securely from anywhere with internet access resulting in faster answers and more effective decision making.

A cloud based system for storing customer deliverables, the web portal allows for intuitive and simplistic viewing of video data and answer products collected using EV’s market-leading visual technology.  

The Web Portal allows users to combine high-definition footage with 360-degree depth-synchronised images to give a clear perspective of the well. Through the advanced capabilities of Microsoft’s PowerBI, Visual Analytics datasets can be examined alongside video and 360-degree images for fully flexible viewing and detailed data analysis.