EV-Epidote is the analysis power behind EV’s Visual Analytic services and Answer products. We build well integrity software with highly specialized algorithms to provide solutions to technical challenges. We license software and provide consultancy services to our customers, helping to enhance the value of their well intervention activities.

We provide software, consultancy and training, specialising in cased hole wireline log analysis for well integrity. Our MIPS software product is recognised as the industry's leading software package for multi-finger caliper processing and interpretation. In PIP, we extend analysis capability for further well integrity sensors. With our existing base of technical software, we can also rapidly design, prototype and deliver bespoke systems for our customers.

In addition to developing and marketing our software products, we provide related consultancy services to operating and service companies. These focus on our areas of expertise in the analysis and reporting of well integrity and production logs.

Our proprietary Pipe Deformation Analysis service provides valuable, 3-dimensional quantified insight on the cause and effects of sheared, buckled and deformed pipe. This critical information enables well operators to optimize well interventions and pipe recovery operations, maximizing the probability of successful outcome, while understanding and proactively managing the risks associated with downhole deformation events.