CorrosionVA is the definitive diagnostic solution for the assessment and understanding of wellbore corrosion. Through the combination of cutting edge visual diagnostic information and computational analysis techniques, CorrosionVA provides a vivid 360°, quantified assessment of well integrity with sub-millimetre pixel resolution.

Corrosion is a major threat to the integrity of downhole assets. With flow lines, downhole casing, tubing strings, and other equipment vulnerable, operators need high quality information to understand the underlying causes of corrosion to safeguard their assets, protecting the investment and maintaining healthy, profitable long-term recovery.

By integrating multiple complementary data sources into a single high-performance toolstring, CorrosionVA captures detailed information of complex well conditions in a single, highly efficient intervention. By minimising the number of runs in hole, CorrosionVA simplifies operations, minimising risk and maximising time on production.

With its unique, fully integrated analysis suite, CorrosionVA provides quantified statistical analysis combined with intuitive visual assessment to deliver comprehensive evaluation of wellbore corrosion and structural integrity. By examining quantified visual information, CorrosionVA helps to identify even the smallest defects and quantify their extent. In turn, this enables well operators to identify the corrosion mechanisms, their root cause and perform detailed time-lapse comparisons to assist in life of well calculations for the prediction of the time to reach critical status.

Applications include

  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Inhibitor treatment program verification
  • Drilling wear evaluation
  • Plug / Packer setting depth evaluation
  • Pipe recovery and P&A

CorrosionVA Case Studies