MIPS (Multi-Finger Image Processing Software) is the industry's leading package for multi-finger caliper data processing and interpretation. Used by leading service providers, operating companies and wireline equipment manufacturers, MIPS maximises data value by efficiently identifying and diagnosing well integrity issues.

The full MIPSPro package is designed for use when a complete log analysis and a detailed understanding is required. MIPSLite was introduced as a field processing package for QC, providing enhanced well site products. MIPSView is a license free viewer that can be supplied to end users to assist interpretation. The 3D visualisation module MIPS3D is included with all the MIPS packages.


MIPSPro provides detailed analysis and clear visualisation, enhancing the interpretation of caliper and pipe thickness log data. MIPSPro works with all types of caliper data and includes the following features:

Processing Modules

MIPSPro gives the analyst a comprehensive set of processing options to prepare the data for interpretation. These include:

  • Centralising field data – almost always required for accurate analysis of pit depths
  • Depth Correction
  • Merging and Splicing of multiple runs
  • Orientation to top of hole
  • Editing of poor data
  • Recalibration to known IDs


MIPSPro assists in efficient interpretation of log data through:

  • Automation of time consuming processes
  • Quick access to commonly used commands
  • Pre-population of default options for workflows
  • Semi-automated collar identification allowing joints to be quickly identified and interactively edited prior to further analysis

Statistical Analysis

An extensive statistical analysis of penetration and restriction data provides the basis for quantitative interpretation. With more than 30 statistical results available for each joint, the analyst has full flexibility in the reporting of pipe integrity.


The integrated reporting module in MIPSPro allows the analyst to produce structured, custom built reports in Word, PDF or TIFF format. Structure, format and content can be tailored to analyst, service company or end user reporting standards and re-used for consistent presentation. Features of the statistical reporting include histograms, bar charts, joint analysis tables and pipe grading.

Log sections, 2D cross sections and 3D views are all easily captured and added to the written report. Introductory and concluding text sections complete the report. MIPSPro reports are supported with API style log plots, LAS output and presentation of data in MIPSView. Many elements can be pre-prepared and reused for time efficient reporting.

License-Free Viewer

MIPSView is provided with MIPSPro as a license free version of the 2D and 3D viewers for distribution to the client, allowing interaction with images exactly as the analyst viewed them. Visualising data in this way aids communication and understanding of the results. The analyst can define scenes in MIPSPro and the client can open these again in MIPSView.

3D Images

The 3D image in MIPS3D is driven from the MIPSPro viewer, allowing features to be identified in either viewer and cross referenced. MIPS3D provides viewing and animation options so that data features can be effectively communicated.

Audit and QC

Processing History within MIPSPro captures details of all parameters and processes, allowing QC, audit or reconstruction of the analysis. History details can be embedded in LAS files or displayed in the MIPS Viewer.


MIPSLite provides a subset of the full MIPSPro package and is designed for use by the field engineer when an enhanced multi finger caliper well site product is required.

An essential set of caliper QC and processing options suitable for well site use are provided for the engineer or analyst. Sophisticated 2D and 3D data presentation tools allow an overview of the well condition to be understood and easily communicated to the customer.

Points of interest can be examined in detail, captured as images and annotated for easy reference.

Output options include plotting of pdf or tiff log sections, 2D curve displays and crosssections, along with 3D images, LAS and mip1 files for further processing and reporting in MIPSPro. The same flexible 2D and 3D viewing options are available to the end user via the license free MIPSView module.

Processing Modules

Centralising field data – almost always required for accurate assessment of tubular conditions such as corrosion, scale build up or wear

  • Depth Correction
  • Editing of poor data
  • Orientation to top of hole
  • Recalibration to known IDs or median values

Efficient processing is aided by quick access to commonly used commands, and by archive and re-use of company standard or user preferred settings and presentations.


  • Zones of interest are easily captured and communicated as Log sections, 2D cross sections and 3D views in pdf, tiff or .avi video formats.
  • MIPSLite results can also be provided as API style log plots, LAS files or presented to end users using the license free MIPSView module.

MIPSLite contains the same license free viewer, 3D visualisation and Audit and QC capability as MIPSPro.


MIPSView is a license free and installation free viewing package provided to the end-user . with the same 2D and 3D visualisation tools as MIPSPro, allowing interaction with images exactly as the analyst viewed them.

Important data features and views can be communicated by the log analyst by defining scenes in MIPSPro that can then be opened directly by end users in MIPSView. MIPSView contains a range of tools to aid visualisation, including:

  • Depth scrolling and zooming
  • Editable presentation parameters
  • Annotating
  • Plotting

2D cross-sections may be viewed, and 3D images rotated, panned, re-scaled, and saved as images or videos.

Both the 2D and 3D Viewers allow the end user to view the dataset for the entire well or zoom in to inspect a single corrosion pit or other small features. 3D views with the ability to rotate the image allow the geometry of anomalies to readily visualised and understood. Cross sections and statistical curves displayed in the 2D viewer provide further understanding of features identified by caliper or wall thickness instruments. Editable annotation layers provide a further option for communicating features.


MIPS3D is our fully interactive 3D multi-arm caliper and array thickness visualisation tool and is provided as an integral part of all the MIPS packages. Visualisation of results in MIPS3D aids communication, providing an additional level of understanding and clarity to the data.

MIPS3D provides many display options to optimise presentation of results.

3D Image options

The image in MIPS3D may be synchronised with the MIPSPro, MIPSLite or MIPSView 2D window to show the same depth range, allowing features to be cross-referenced or viewed independently in depth panning or 'fly down' mode wall thickness instruments. Editable annotation layers provide a further option for communicating features.


MIPS3D offers incremental and continuous rotation about all axes, depth panning, colour coded surfaces, static image capture and AVI movie generation. Further options include wire frame and cut away views, and the display of pipe OD. The displayed image is optimised through user controls, including data reduction, perspective, lighting and controls of background and text colour. Scale and zoom control further optimise the image. Advanced options include the display of non-straight tubular centre lines, and a drift tool.

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