The Optis® Infinity Integrated Video Caliper tool combines EV’s Optis® 360° camera technology with an industry standard Multi-Finger Caliper to provide a unique and complete answer to well integrity challenges.

Multi-Finger Caliper tools are used to provide direct and quantitative measurements of internal tubing and casing diameters to evaluate a number of pipe defects ranging from corrosion and erosion to bending and buckling. Combining video with multi-finger caliper data leads to an enhanced interpretation and provides invaluable 360° pipe coverage to complement the limited radial coverage available from a stand-alone mechanical caliper.

Previous IVC techology, which combined multi-finger caliper tools with downview and single sideview were limited to the investigation of short intervals and/or specific locations. The Optis® Infinity IVC overcomes these limitiations by combining EV’s Optis® Infinity 360° multi-side view camera, allowing for complete coverage of the wellbore.

The Optis® Infinity IVC can be run in real-time via e-line or e-coil conveyance systems and run in conjunction with pressure, temperature, gamma ray and casing collar locator tools, on single conductor, co-axial or multi-conductor electric line cables as well as in memory mode on slickline or standard coiled tubing. Deployment on electric line means that multi-finger caliper measurements and high definition downview and sideview footage can be acquired in real-time, at surface, for improved service quality and operational efficiency.


Optis Infinity IVC