ValveVA provides a full 360°, comprehensive evaluation of the status and performance of valves and completion hardware. From BOP to rathole, ValveVA enables detailed assessment of the fit, form and function of complex well components, helping to optimise operating expenditure and maintain safe, productive well operation.

Malfunctioning valves present a range of problems, from difficulties with wellbore access to fluid loss, loss of primary well barriers, and potential production shutdowns. Conventional methods of diagnosing issues based on surface tests or conventional logging techniques can be a lengthy, costly and uncertain process.

By combining high definition, quantified video and multi-sensor data from sources such as multi-finger calipers, spectral ultrasound leak detection and production logging tool, ValveVA can identify the root cause of any failure in a single run, maximizing operational efficiency and helping to determine the optimal remedial action. Additionally, the early identification of issues and proactive management enabled by routine visual inspection can also help to prevent potential failures, which could otherwise lead to high cost workovers.

Available on any mode of well conveyance, from slickline to coiled tubing or wireline well tractor, ValveVA provides a clear visual understanding of a valve status and performance, as well as an accurate measurement of component geometries and range of motion, in one single data capture intervention run. Through quantifiable, sub-millimetre pixel resolution, ValveVA can identify the root cause of any failure, helping to determine the optimal remedial action and confirmation of successful conclusion.

Whether as part of a routine surveillance program, or a reactive fault investigation, ValveVA eliminates the guesswork, providing a highly valuable decision-enabling tool for well operators; assisting the management of safe, profitable production and advising if and when any further intervention is required.

ValveVA Case Studies