Pipe Integrity Platform (PIP) is an advanced analysis software platform developed for our next generation of pipe integrity products. Building on the success of MIPS, we have expanded the technical capabilities to include cement bond logs, noise logs and other station data, into a single, common analysis platform.

The PIP development includes a range of new features for efficient and comprehensive analysis of multiple array log datasets. Features include a new viewer for integrated analysis and display of multiple sensor data – up to 15 log tracks can be viewed simultaneously including display curve, waveform, various array data sets and a well schematic utility. Additionally, an enhanced DLIS importer is provided for fast and efficient data handling and merging, while familiar MIPS utilities, such as 3D viewing, plotting, annotations and a license free viewer, have all been adapted and ported into PIP as standard.

The ability to display multiple sensors simultaneously proves useful when more than one instrument is used to diagnose well integrity conditions. Examples provided demonstrate how cement bond log, multi finger caliper and pipe thickness data acquired over the same interval can be viewed and reported simultaneously. An overview of the condition of three of the primary well barriers – cement, casing and tubing – is provided in this single view.

PIP supports the input, viewing, processing and output of multifinger cliper, thickness, noise, array and conventional cement bond Logs, camera and other images, various stationary measurements and any customer specific sensor. PIP technology has also allowed us to build customised plugins for our customers with unique cased hole logging sensors that require processing, analysis and reporting software (please contact us with specific requests).

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