When the pressure is on, the need for reliable, straightforward and high-performance technology is never higher. Whether it is extreme temperature, pressure or mechanical force, EV technology delivers on all counts – every time. Our technology is designed to deliver the highest standards of performance, but it is practice, practice, practice that has helped to make it perfect.

We are passionate innovators, determined to lead the way, constantly pushing the boundaries of diagnostic well intervention technology – high definition, high frame-rate, 20,000 psi, 200°C and beyond. Crucial to this are our Technology Centres, dedicated to the research, development, and production of downhole video, data acquisition and data analysis technologies. Epicentres of EV’s world, these hotbeds of innovation not only deliver category-defining technology, but also provide technical, maintenance and training support for our operating centres around the world. This ensures a constant, multi-directional transfer of know-how between field operations, research and development, and our technical support teams.

Through decades of continuous evolution, we have assembled a team who are second to none, hand-picked for their specialist knowledge and expertise. In parallel, we have developed the first-class facilities that are required for our experts to apply their skills. From computing power and IT infrastructures, to rapid prototyping, testing and training facilities, we have it all under our roof, built to our own exacting specifications and dedicated to our pursuit of excellence.

It is with this unique in-house resource that EV have achieved recognition as industry leaders in:

  • Camera optics and image sensor technologies
  • High temperature electronics and systems design
  • Digital signal and image compression software
  • Image analysis and computer vision
  • Data analytics and computer modelling
  • Data communication and storage technology
  • Mechanical engineering and rapid prototyping
  • Manufacturing and quality control

We are not number one by accident, we are number one by design – through hard work, continual investment and an irrepressible desire to be the best of the best.