We help well operators identify, understand, and resolve the most complex of wellbore issues. We are pioneers, providing a complete and quantified picture to the global oilfield industry. We are The Downhole Visual Analytics Company.

The standard of visual diagnostic information that we deliver direct to the well site – in an instant – is game-changing. Our global team of experts apply years of combined experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver detailed, distilled information that enables a better understanding of life of well challenges, leading to more effective management, more decisive action and healthier, more productive wells.

Excellence is in everything we do, and we have the experience and expertise where it counts. Through our bespoke technology centres, our in-house experts research the latest innovations, designing, developing and producing every one of our systems to our own exacting standards. Likewise, our operations team provides expert support to our customers at every level – from the well site to their global headquarters. We are there every step of the way, from understanding their information needs and pre-job planning, managing the operation in the field, to delivering the results and expert advice.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the market leader in downhole Visual Analytics, and we exist solely to add value to our customers by increasing the efficiency of their operations. By providing a complete and quantified picture, we bring clarity to the oilfield decision-making process; reducing the risk, increasing the effectiveness and lowering the cost of well intervention operations.

We believe in the value of EVolution, and that what we learn today can be used to improve our performance tomorrow. By adhering to this core value, we ensure the highest standard of service to our customers, helping them to meet their objectives and achieve their goals:

  • Evolving the experience for our customers by solving their problems and adding value to their operations
  • Evolving the quality of our services through technical innovation and operational excellence
  • Evolving the team, our skills and capabilities and providing career development opportunities for all
  • Evolving a profitable business as a trusted partner that delivers on our promises

From Top Gear to Well Bottom

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to welcoming employees from other sectors. Many engineers have military backgrounds, and it is not uncommon for those with experience in aerodynamics to transfer their skills from the air to the bottom of the seabed. Less common, though, is for a convert to come from the entertainment industry with high-profile BBC programmes on their CV.

EV was founded in 1999 by Jonathan Thursby, our Chief Technical Officer, in between international adventures with the team from Top Gear. Combining an early love of video technology with a passion for fast cars, Jonathan worked across a range of television and sporting events, honing his knowledge of video equipment in extreme environments to create a product that is now used in 70% of all offshore operations.

Jonathan’s first role in television was at Anglia TV working with mini CCTV-type cameras mounted on cars and boats to give an up-close vantage to racing action. By applying the combined video technology and mechanical expertise to more and more challenging motorsport disciplines, Jonathan’s reputation and business grew, leading to the creation of Extreme Video, or EV as we know it now. The breakthrough came with rally cars at the British Rally Championship and Vauxhall Rally, leading to contracts with the WRC World Rally Championship and soon after Formula 1. Never limited in our outlook, Jonathan and team also built cameras for the BT Round the World Yacht challenge and Class 1 Powerboat racing. The next step was a stint designing cameras on Top Gear, taking Jonathan and EV from the North Pole to the African desert, until continuing our journey in the oilfield and becoming The Visual Analytics Company.

Through this extraordinary journey, EV has amassed a unique and irreplaceable experience that enables us to be the best at what we do. Everything we learned through motorsport and broadcasting has been transferred into the downhole world. Whether dealing with extremes in shock, vibration, temperature or impact, EV technology delivers a bird’s eye view of the action with the best possible image.

 “Bringing qualities from an external influence such as broadcasting has added depth to the sector’s capabilities, continually pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve. Technically, no other company is near us as we continue to deliver ground-breaking innovations to help solve our customer’s problems.”

Jonathan Thursby, Chief Technical Officer, EV