Wellbore Interrogation at SPE HFTC 2020

The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (HFTC) 2020 looks to continue as the key platform for rich, in-depth technical discussions around the development of fracturing applications. With thousands of attendees expected, we are looking forward to showcasing our latest cutting-edge technologies and sharing knowledge with industry colleagues. This year, the event will be held in The Woodlands, Texas on February 4th - 6th.

The SPE HFTC showcases existing and new hydraulic fracturing technologies, using experiences from fracture-stimulated wells, and the application of global learnings. Join us at our booth (905) to speak to our team to find out how we reveal trends and patterns in cluster efficiency from a database of imaged and measured perforations. Optis Infinity is the world’s first array sideview camera for downhole applications, providing a ground-breaking, 360°, top-to-toe perspective of well performance and integrity in stunning high definition. Drop by to see how 360-degree wellbore imaging & analysis can be applied to help solve a number of highly challenging production and integrity issues.

Technical Paper Presentation "Proppant Distribution Observations from 20,000+ Perforation Erosion Measurements"

Join us on Tuesday 4th February at 13.45 for a technical paper presentation (SPE 199693) on "Proppant Distribution Observations from 20,000+ Perforation Erosion Measurements". The paper will be presented in Waterway 5-8. Recent step changes in downhole video technology and image analysis have coincided with a growing understanding of how perforation erosion can be used to measure the effectiveness of limited entry hydraulic fracturing. This has led to rapid growth in video-based perforation imaging and produced a substantial database of measured and statistically analysed perforations. A review of recurring patterns and common trends identified in the database provides useful insights on proppant placement and distribution. 

The majority of research on treatment design parameters that influence proppant placement has mainly used CFD-DEM models. The approach presented in this paper, however has used empirical, in-situ data. The size of the dataset and the frequency at which certain tendencies are observed provide some confidence that the approach and results are valid and can help improve treatment design. It is hoped that the results of the study will provide hydraulic fracture specialists with further evidence-based guidelines that ultimately help increase production and enhance ultimate recovery.

PerforationVA - The Most Complete In-situ Perforation Evaluation Available

Combining high-definition images of individual perforations with accurate measurements of entry hole geometry, PerforationVA provides the most complete in-situ perforation evaluation available. Our unrivalled data analysis capabilities deliver unique insights for unconventional perforating applications.

Hydraulic fracture specialists design limited entry treatments to mitigate the unwanted effects of perforation erosion. When engineered changes are made to treatment parameters, frac specialists need clear information to understand the effects of these changes, the impact on fracture propagation and placement of proppant volumes. Through the integration of qualitative and quantitative erosion assessments, PerforationVA provides a complete picture of the fracture treatment and a cost-effective diagnostic tool to evaluate success.

Optis Infinity - Infinite Imaging Capability, Infinite applications, Infinite Possibilities

Join us at our booth to explore case stories and applications of Optis Infinity technology paired with Visual Analytics services to see how EV are delivering game-changing information to maximise the efficiency and drive down the cost of well intervention operations.

Optis Infinity builds upon the industry proven and market leading Optis technology platform, providing a ground-breaking, 360°, top-to-toe perspective of well performance and integrity in stunning high definition.

RestrictionVA - Rapid and Comprehensive Evaluation of Downhole Restrictions

RestrictionVA delivers rapid and comprehensive evaluation of downhole restrictions, identifying their root cause and determining their severity. Through quantified visual assessment and advanced computer modelling techniques, RestrictionVA provides the definitive, proactive service for de-risking well interventions.

RestrictionVA utilizes EV’s technologically advanced Optis® and Optis Infinity™ imaging system and EV-Epidote’s unrivalled data analysis expertise. By combining high definition, quantified video and multi-sensor data from sources such as multi-finger calipers, RestrictionVA provides comprehensive assessment of downhole restrictions and a proactive solution to help plan and design well interventions, confirm their viability and minimize operational risk.