Virtual SPE HFTC Technical Presentation

The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (HFTC) will be hosted virtually this year. The three day event aims to deliver and discuss the latest technologies, sustainable developments and practices supporting the various stages of the hydraulic fracturing delivery system. The event will kick off on May 4th 2021.

As one of the most popular SPE events, HFTC brings together Oil & Gas professionals and experts to learn about the latest developments and practices in hydraulic fracturing. At EV, we place immense value on sharing knowledge and learnings from our experiences, and have authored or co-authored a significant number of technical papers at previous HFTC events. 

Join us at the upcoming conference where Glyn Roberts, EV Technical Advisor, will be delivering a virtual technical presentation. The presentation titled SPE-204186-MS "Proppant Distribution In Newly Completed And Re-Fractured Wells - An Eagle Ford Shale Case Study" will be delivered during Session 5: Fracturing Fluids & Proppant Transport at 2.20pm (CST) on Wednesday 5th May.

Fracture treatments and stage designs for new wells have evolved considerably over the past decade contributing to significant production growth. Older wells completed originally with less efficient techniques can also benefit from these more up-to-date designs and treatments using re-fracturing methods. These offer the prospect of economically boosting production in appropriately selected wells.

While adding in-fill wells has often been favored by Operators as a lower risk option, the number of wells being re-fractured has grown every year for the last decade. In this technical paper, two adjacent Eagle Ford wells, comprising a newly completed and a re-fractured well, allow both methods to be considered and compared. Completion design and fracture treatment effectiveness are evaluated using the uniformity of proppant distribution at cluster and stage level as the primary measure. 

Maximizing Re-fracturing Performance

The contents of this case study will be presented in more detail during the technical paper presentation. The video showcases how the application of PerforationVA, supported by Optis Infinity technology, helped a US operator to maximise the performance of re-fractured wells.

The operator’s initial frac design was proven to be inefficient, with production declining much more rapidly than expected for a number of wells. Believing that significant reserves may still be unexploited, these wells were selected for refracturing with the aim of restoring their true production potential. In a bid to maximise re-frac performance, the operator selected EV’s PerforationVA service to evaluate the effectiveness of a range of stage designs on a pilot well, in order to apply the optimum configuration across all remaining candidate wells.

PerforationVA - The Definitive Quantified Picture of Cluster Efficiency

EV's PerforationVA service provides the definitive quantified picture of cluster efficiency. By helping operators improve frac performance and reservoir to well connectivity, PerforationVA improves long-term recovery and production economics, whilst helping to ensure the spend on fracturing is more cost-effective.

Using Optis Infinity 360-degree video technology, PerforationVA quantifies frac-induced erosion for each and every perforation, revealing the precise proppant distribution within each individual cluster and stage. This forensic-level feedback allows completion engineers to benchmark frac performance and understand the effect of engineered changes to completion design.

Optis Infinity - Infinite Imaging Capability, Infinite applications, Infinite Possibilities

Optis Infinity is the world’s first array sideview camera for downhole applications. Optis Infinity provides a ground-breaking, 360°, top-to-toe perspective of well performance and integrity in stunning high definition. Optis Infinity technology is a key enabler in EV's PerforationVA service to assist in the optimization of hydraulic fracturing processes. 

For more information on Optis Infinity capabilities and applications, visit our webpage