Manufacturing Protective Visors for Healthcare Workers

During these truly unprecedented times, EV have taken the opportunity to utilise 3D printing to keep healthcare workers safe and to save lives. In a short space of time, our team have designed and manufactured a number of visor frames using our 3D printer. The visor screen and elastic are then added to the frames, complete the protective visor. These will protect healthcare workers at the local Norwich & Norfolk hospitals who are caring for patients with the COVID-19 virus.

EV's Technology Centre, based in Norwich, United Kingdom is home to over 50 employees. The key hub is where our experienced in-house experts design, develop and produce each of our innovative systems to EV's exacting standards. While the majority of our employees are now working remotely, the key personnel present at EV's Technology Centre have been innovative and quick to react to local needs during the global pandemic. Shaun Peck, our experienced Global Support Engineering Manager who has worked for EV for over 12 years has been leading the project of re-tasking our 3D printing facilities to produce visor frames. 

EV's 3D printer was programmed with a custom design file which enables it to autonomously manufacture the visor frames. They are made from ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) and printed densely to maintain maximum rigidity and durability. Each print takes approximately 2 hours. The visor frames then have the elastic and visor screen added to complete the protective visor. The project is in collaboration with the University of East Anglia, who are distributing the protective visors directly to the key front line workers at the local Norwich & Norfolk Hospitals. 

Shaun added "Its been fantastic to see so many local businesses and individuals helping out with the manufacture of Visors and Ventilator equipment to aid the National Health Service at this very difficult time. It really has been the case of so many people pulling together. My Wife Shelly is part of the amazing NHS and is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at a local Doctors' Surgery and although they have been able to source the relevant PPE, other areas have been much more stretched and schemes like what we have been involved in are really helping.  I would like to add we are happy to help wherever possible, whether that’s 3D printing more items, using the reach of EV’s supply chain to help with the production of ventilators and the like, helping with the assembly of units within our Norwich Technology Centre or utilising the superb Mechanical and Electronics Engineers to bring ideas to reality."

Shaun Peck pictured above packaging the 3D printed visor frames, ready to be assembled and sent to the National Health Service frontline workers. Shaun & his superb engineering team have been devoting as much time as possible to manufacture these critical components whilst still delivering on their normal engineering projects.

The team were given the full support of the EV Executive Team to use all equipment and resources required to keep the NHS workers equipped and safe during this critical time for the health service. Fraser Louden, CEO, stressed the importance of charitable efforts and pulling together as a community during these unprecedented times, especially while the security of jobs within the oil industry is uncertain, due to the global pandemic and the recent oil price drop. Fraser expressed his personal thanks, appreciation and respect to all those involved at our Global Technology Centre.