Introducing Optis Infinity Hybrid

EV are delighted to announce the introduction of our latest innovation - Optis Infinity Hybrid. After years of research and development at EV's Technology Centre, our Canadian operations and in-house technology teams successfully completed the first ever run of this latest innovation.

Optis Infinity Hybrid features the integration of ground-breaking array camera technology with ultra-high capacity memory and industry leading surface read-out telemetry. With the combined ability to record all four array sideview cameras to memory and simultaneous transmission of live video to surface, Optis Infinity Hybrid enables real-time decision making capability, in parallel with proprietary gigapixel image processing and Visual Analytics analysis, to provide unrivalled evaluation of downhole conditions.

This powerful and highly efficient data acquisition system is compatible with mono-conductor and multi-conductor wireline, wireline tractor – including Video Whilst Tractoring (VWT) – and E-Coil conveyancing methods. Optis Infinity Hybrid benefits from the same industry-leading optics and highly versatile multi-sensor toolbus as the Optis suite, providing an optimal information platform for EV’s game-changing Visual Analytics services across well delivery, well integrity and production optimisation disciplines.

The world’s first operation was successfully performed in western Canada for a multi-national operator and was deployed via E-coil.