Going Beyond the Conventional at HFTC 2022

The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (HFTC) is set to take place at the Woodlands, Texas on the 1st-3rd February 2022. This conference gives experts and E&P professionals the chance to gain a global perspective on new and existing innovative technologies and services within hydraulic fracturing.

Focusing on the innovations for the next fracturing revolution, the HFTC conference will see hydraulic fracturing pioneers sharing vital knowledge and driving discussions on how technological advancements in hydraulic fracturing can enable the low carbon economy.

Meet our Expert Team at Booth 209

EV has been at the forefront of innovation and technical services that has driven the step-change in performance of completion design and fracturing performance. For this event, EV will be sending key personnel from across the United States to demonstrate the benefits of applying proprietary Visual Analytic techniques to the completion design and performance feedback process. Come see us at booth 209 to meet our expert team and discuss how we may assist you in unlocking the potential of your unconventional resources.


Carl Strubberg

Tanner Paxson

Gabriella Griffiths

PerforationVA - The Most Complete In-situ Perforation Evaluation Available

Combining high-definition images of individual perforations with accurate measurements of entry hole geometry, PerforationVA provides the most complete in-situ perforation evaluation available. By helping operators improve frac performance and reservoir to well connectivity, PerforationVA improves long-term recovery & production economics, whilst helping to ensure the spend on fracturing is more cost-effective.

Using proprietary 360-degree video technology, PerforationVA quantifies frac-induced erosion for each and every perforation, revealing the precise proppant distribution within each individual cluster and stage. This forensic-level feedback allows completion engineers to benchmark frac performance and understand the effect of engineered changes to completion design.

Optis Infinity - Infinite Imaging Capability, Infinite applications, Infinite Possibilities

Join us at our booth to explore the latest case stories and applications of Optis Infinity technology, paired with Visual Analytics services, to see how EV are delivering game-changing information to maximise the efficiency and drive down the cost of well intervention operations. A live demonstration unit will be available at the EV booth for attendees to experience the acquisition and 'Mosaic' stitching process live in action. 

Optis Infinity builds upon the industry proven and market leading Optis technology platform, providing a ground-breaking, 360°, top-to-toe perspective of well performance and integrity in stunning high definition.