Being Orange, Living Green

Preserving the environment remains an essential part of our business and growth strategy. We embrace the challenge of giving energy producers the solutions they need to continue to power the world with minimal impact on the environment. EV is committed to the ongoing energy transition to help customers solve the key challenges faced by the industry today, tomorrow and into the future.

Empowering Sustainability

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Innovation is key to delivering affordable, sustainable, and lower carbon energy to support a growing population and protecting the environment. Oil and gas is currently the world's primary energy source, and we believe that reducing emissions while increasing the efficiency of hydrocarbon extraction is crucial to delivering the reliable, affordable, and ever-cleaner energy that is essential for humanity to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable world. This belief is at the very core of everything we do, and by helping operators diagnose and resolve issues quickly, we help them to increase the operating efficiency and extend the working life of their assets. 

We also believe that renewable energy is central to achieving and moving beyond net zero emissions. Working strategically with leading operators, EV has extensive global geothermal experience spanning over ten countries and five continents. With over twenty years of oilfield experience, our services, knowledge & expertise in extreme downhole environments have been easily transferred to assist with the development of geothermal energy production facilities around the world.

Innovation applies not just to equipment, systems and services, but also our workplace and the way in which we work. EV’s innovative approach is part of a wider culture of care towards the environment and is supported by strong process and governance that help shape the decisions we make as a business and as individuals. By integrating innovative solutions with our knowledge and expertise we can not only increase business performance, but also significantly reduce our environmental impact.