Due to the extreme nature of the environment and length of active service, operators routinely face issues with downhole mechanical valves. Although manufactured to high standards, over time, failure is almost a certainty. The ability to understand and assess the reasons why allows informed decisions to be made on how to lessen the impact of the issue.

Preserving and extending the life of high value oil and gas wells involves regular maintenance and capital investment. Malfunctioning valves present a range of problems, from difficulties with wellbore access to fluid loss, loss of primary well barriers, and potential production shutdowns. Conventional methods of diagnosing issues based on surface tests or conventional logging techniques can be a lengthy, costly and uncertain process.

Having the ability to visually inspect downhole valves and jewellery helps the operator understand the exact and current status of the valve, identify the root cause of any failure and select the appropriate remedial action. Additionally, the early identification of issues and proactive management enabled by routine visual inspection can also help to prevent potential failures, which could otherwise lead to high cost workovers or side-tracks.

EV’s range of visual diagnostic services provides the crystal-clear, 360° insight that operators need to fully understand the condition of valves, from surface and well head valves to the very bottom of the wellbore. With multiple deployment methods, EV’s specially designed tools deliver clear information, removing uncertainty and allowing correct decisions to be made on the spot.


Visual Analytics (VA) is the combination of cutting edge visual diagnostic information and advanced computational analysis techniques to provide vivid, quantified downhole intelligence. Visual Analytics provides a complete and quantified picture of complex well challenges, delivered in high definition clarity.