Perforations provide the critical connection between the reservoir and wellbore. Damaged or underperforming perforations can quickly compromise well performance from initial frac and throughout the producing life of the well.

Our experience suggests perforation issues are more common than many realise, and while most diagnostic services fail to even identify perforations, the sub-millimetre resolution of EV’s high-definition video images enable intuitive evaluation and crystal-clear diagnosis for a range of performance affecting issues. With visual inspection available in real-time – at the well site – and detailed analysis available with near-time delivery, EV’s range of video-led services provides the complete picture that well operators require to understand and optimise perforation performance and efficiency.

Perforations are the lifeblood of a well, providing the critical connection between the wellbore and the surrounding reservoir, thereby enabling and controlling the extraction of hydrocarbons. With reservoirs increasingly becoming harder targets to reach, and with unconventional reservoirs becoming the new-convention, effective perforating strategy and management plays an essential role in achieving healthy, productive wells.

In the delivery of an unconventional wells, an individual perforation’s geometry, spatial distribution and flowing capacity directly influences fracture propagation, proppant placement and the future productivity of the well. Throughout the producing stage of a well’s life-cycle, perforations can suffer from scaling, corrosion, erosion or mechanical damage that often results in a reduction of production performance, limitation to wellbore access or compromise to the integrity of the well.


Visual Analytics (VA) is the combination of cutting edge visual diagnostic information and advanced computational analysis techniques to provide vivid, quantified downhole intelligence. Visual Analytics provides a complete and quantified picture of complex well challenges, delivered in high definition clarity.