Whether the remnants of a damaged cable or a lost bottom hole assembly, downhole fish can cause significant impact on well productivity and operating time. Conventional fish retrieval methods are based on ‘guestimates’, and often result in complicated and time-consuming wireline interventions, or workover – or even abandonment – if unsuccessful.

Downhole fish are a risk to well operation at any point in the well life-cycle, presenting a complex and high-risk challenge for operators to overcome. Whether a dropped object during intervention, or resulting from a failure in downhole hardware, successful, time-efficient fish recovery is essential for restoring productivity and reducing operational cost. In these situations, full understanding of the nature and status of a fish can make the difference between first-time successful recovery or the workover – or even abandonment – of a well if unsuccessful.

High-definition images from EV’s high definition cameras can be analysed to instantly understand, and even quantify the size, location, orientation and status of foreign objects, or obstructions, encountered during the run-in hole. These might be protrusions, milling damage, scale deposits, or the top of the fish. Quantifying their exact size or shape, and understanding the conditions of the surrounding wellbore, allows the correct equipment to be selected, resulting in effective remedial action on each and every fishing run.

With detailed information available by any means of conveyance, EV’s comprehensive fish diagnostic services provide clarity of understanding and real-time decision-making capability directly at the well site. This intelligence-driven solution enables well operators and intervention specialists to plan their next move with confidence, helping to ensure efficient fish retrieval, with reduced operational risk and significant savings in cost and non-productive time.


Visual Analytics (VA) is the combination of cutting edge visual diagnostic information and advanced computational analysis techniques to provide vivid, quantified downhole intelligence. Visual Analytics provides a complete and quantified picture of complex well challenges, delivered in high definition clarity.


Through the application of high definition video, combined with a high strength rare earth magnetic carrier system, EV’s MagCam solution enables definitive identification of mini-fish and precision extraction with real-time visual feedback throughout.