Corrosion is a major threat to the integrity of downhole assets. With flow lines, downhole casing, tubing strings, and other equipment vulnerable, operators need high quality information to understand the underlying causes of corrosion to help them protect their investment.

Wells operate under extreme conditions, often involving exposure to challenging chemistries, temperatures, and pressures for extended periods of time. With ever increasing well and completion complexity, effective management of well integrity is pivotal in safeguarding assets, protecting the investment and maintaining healthy, profitable long-term recovery.

Corrosion is a life of well challenge. From the first drop of production to beyond abandonment, well barriers perform a vital role in ensuring safe operation and maximum production performance. When managing well integrity, operators know that reliable, high quality information is essential for early identification, accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of remedial actions.

EV’s range of visual diagnostic services provides the crystal-clear, 360° insight that operators need to fully understand the severity of corrosion and identify its causes. Through a single intervention, EV’s visual diagnostic solutions reveal the status of corrosion in high definition, enabling operators to decide when, and how, to combat corrosion and assess the performance of their actions.


Visual Analytics (VA) is the combination of cutting edge visual diagnostic information and advanced computational analysis techniques to provide vivid, quantified downhole intelligence. Visual Analytics provides a complete and quantified picture of complex well challenges, delivered in high definition clarity.