This video of the month showcases how EV's PerforationVA service provides the definitive quantified picture of cluster efficiency. By helping operators improve frac performance and reservoir to well connectivity, PerforationVA improves long-term recovery and production economics, whilst helping to ensure the spend on fracturing is more cost-effective.

For operators of unconventional wells, optimising frac design is key to maximising recovery and ensuring economic performance, which is why leading operators turn to EV and PerforationVA. Variations in fracture initiation, distribution and propagation lead to under-performing wells. These issues can be identified and evaluated, down to the perforation-level, using high resolution downhole video images.

Using proprietary 360-degree video technology, PerforationVA quantifies frac-induced erosion for each and every perforation, revealing the precise proppant distribution within each individual cluster and stage. This forensic-level feedback allows completion engineers to benchmark frac performance and understand the effect of engineered changes to completion design. Watch the video below to find out more.

PerforationVA has a resolution and accuracy that eclipses all other frac diagnostics techniques. This superior performance has been proven through extensive testing, conducted in collaboration with, and independently verified by, multiple well operators and charge manufacturers. Which, combined with an exceptional track-record, is why operators have made PerforationVA their service of choice for each new project, and all across the globe.