This video of the month showcases how EV's PerforationVA service improves the economics of hydraulically fractured wells. By combining PerforationVA with an iterative design process, engineers can develop an optimized completion design, tailored to any geological location or subsurface conditions. This design is then applied field-wide, to increase production, reduce completion costs and maximise return on investment.

In this example, an operator utilized EV's PerforationVA service to identify the best performing stage design, based on a multi-parameter benchmarking process. This best performing design was further enhanced to achieve an increased stage length, whilst maintaining an optimum proppant distribution, resulting in enhanced frac performance combined with significant cost savings for the frac operation.

Based on information published by users of PerforationVA, the wells completed with the derived optimized designs benefit from up to a 10% increase in productivity, and multi-million dollar improvements in economic performance. This improvement, combined with significant savings on frac costs, is multiplied several-fold as the learnings are applied on a field-wide basis. By helping operators improve frac performance and reservoir to well connectivity, PerforationVA improves long-term recovery and production economics, whilst helping to ensure the spend on fracturing is more cost-effective.

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