Geothermal resources provide an abundance of clean, low-carbon energy, and with the strongest track record in the industry, EV are the number one provider of downhole video services to geothermal well operators.

Geothermal wells operate under extreme conditions, often involving exposure to challenging chemistries, temperatures, and pressures for extended periods of time. Overcoming these challenges is essential to maintaining the integrity of these assets and ensuring that natures energy is harnessed safely and effectively.

EV’s market leading technology delivers the highest video performance in extreme temperature environments, and on any mode of conveyance.​ By reducing the quenching requirements for diagnostic interventions, EV’s high temperature video systems help geothermal energy producers to understand complex well issues, while minimizing the disruption to power generation and limiting potentially harmful thermal cycling of well components.

During energy production, changes in pressure that occur over time can lead to compaction of subsurface rock formations, which may result in deformation of the wellbore. Similarly, changes in temperature can induce strong forces in the structures of the well, which may result in component failure if the stresses exceed their design parameters. 

In addition, the lower pH values and elevated oxygen content of steam condensate and separated geothermal waters, result in increased corrosion potential that may lead to pitting and degradation of the metallic structures of re-injection wells. These conditions, combined with the mineral properties of the geothermal fluids, can also result in organic growth that may lead to biological erosion of structural elements.

By identifying the cause, severity and extent of these issues, EV’s downhole video provides operators the information they require to make important decisions on how to overcome the problem. Whether though remedial action and intervention, or through preventative action and changes in inhibition treatments, EV’s video information helps geothermal operators to effectively manage the integrity of the wells and ensure safe, healthy and long-term production.