Geothermal resources provide an abundance of clean, low-carbon energy, and with the strongest track record in the industry, EV are the number one provider of downhole video services to geothermal well operators.

Geothermal energy production is dependent on the capture and transportation of high temperature fluids by geothermal wells. However, geothermal fluids contain high quantities of soluble material which, under the thermodynamic changes that occur during their utilization, often cause severe scaling that may significantly impair flow performance of the well.

EV’s market leading technology delivers the highest video performance in extreme temperature environments, and on any mode of conveyance. By reducing the quenching requirements for diagnostic interventions, EV’s high temperature video systems help geothermal energy producers to understand complex well issues, while minimizing the disruption to power generation and limiting potentially harmful thermal cycling of well components.

By revealing the presence, nature and extent of scale formed at the perforations, we help to understand its effect on well-to-reservoir connectivity and subsequent in-flow performance. Similarly, by diagnosing scaling along the wellbore we help to understand the effects of scale on transport flow and the ability to extract the vital source of energy from the subsurface and deliver it to the power generators.

By understanding the exact location and extent of scale deposits, operators can select the optimum remedial solution and take targeted, prioritized action to treat the affected areas and restore flow performance. By revealing the effect of their actions, time-lapse video provides instant verification of success, helping to optimize the time and expenditure of each intervention and maximize asset productivity.