Optis Infinity is the world’s first array sideview camera for downhole applications. Building on everything we learned from the Optis platform, Optis Infinity provides a ground-breaking, 360°, top-to-toe perspective of well performance and integrity in stunning high definition – infinite imaging capability, infinite applications, infinite possibilities.

At EV, we keep our feet on the ground and our eyes and ears open. We listened to the needs of our customers, and the feedback from our team in the field, and understood that we needed to extend the capabilities of the Optis side-view camera to provide a continuous, 360° view of the ID of the wellbore. Optis Infinity is the culmination of three years of dedicated research, development and engineering effort, delivering the world’s first array sideview camera. This ground-breaking innovation enables the creation of a vivid, 360° dynamic map of well condition and behaviour from the lubricator to the toe of the well in a single, continuous run in hole. What’s more, as an extension to the highly acclaimed Optis platform, we have enhanced the capacity for sensor integration, retained our market leading data acquisition capability and underlined our commitment to imaging excellence and data visualisation.

Optics and Imaging

Optis Infinity features an array of four azimuthally aligned cameras providing our trademark high definition, high frame-rate video, but now with >100% circumferential coverage and without any moving parts. This unique design captures four high definition, high frame-rate video feeds and combines them to create an infinitely long, continuous image of the well, significantly reducing the time for data acquisition and increasing the mechanical reliability of the system. Optis Infinity has the option be combined with an Optis down-view video sensor, and with the shortest offset between downward and circumferential fields of view, viewers benefit from the most complete perspective of downhole conditions available. Furthermore, our unique lighting design has been improved, increasing the light output by 1000%, while also reducing internal thermal energy generation. This leads to increased spatial differentiation and improved image clarity in poor fluid conditions, thereby increasing the sharpness of the acquired image and enabling more accurate image dimensioning.

Multi-sensor Integration

The Optis toolbus and telemetry system provides a switchable, real-time view from any of the four array cameras or downview camera – if fitted. This provides an instant understanding of downhole conditions and direct feedback on image quality and system performance. In parallel, pairing Optis Infinity with our ultra-high capacity memory module provides the capability to record all four array cameras simultaneously to capture a complete map of the internal tubular surfaces and flowing phases, while operating at standard logging speeds. As an evolution of the Optis platform, Optis Infinity benefits from the same multi-sensor ready toolbus as the rest of the Optis family, but with the addition of a through wire to enable ‘passenger’ operations. This further increases the integration capabilities, opening a myriad of applications from well integrity and production logging evaluation to providing real-time feedback for mechanical services such as cutters or valve/sleeve shifting tools. This combination of video with conventional data sources massively increases the value of the derived information, reducing assumptions and increasing the accuracy of analysis and interpretation products.

Visualisation and Analysis

From multiple, concurrent views of the wellbore, we create a continuous image of the downhole environment through a process we know as ‘Mosaicing’. EV’s unique image processing software not only creates stitched images of the complete wellbore but delivers an unrivalled data resolution of 16 pixels per square millimetre when running at 30ft/minute. This level of information, combined with EV-Epidote’s patented motion computation algorithm, enables precise determination of downhole depth by direct measurements acquired from the bottom hole assembly. With this unique feature Optis Infinity enables precise speed correction of video data, placing each pixel exactly on depth within the well, and by extension, any log data that is recorded simultaneously in the same pass. Through this precision spatial alignment of data, Optis Infinity significantly increases the accuracy of image dimensioning and log data analysis to provide the most complete and quantified picture of downhole conditions.