EV’s Optis® DrillCam camera provides a complete picture of downhole conditions during rig-based activities. With its ruggedized, pump-through carrier system, and unrivalled track record, Optis® DrillCam provides real-time intelligence to help well operators overcome the toughest downhole obstacles.

EV’s Optis DrillCam provides full hemispherical, real-time viewing via continuous 360° variable speed rotate and tilt capability. Real-time images, combined with onscreen display of the camera position, give the user complete control and the ability to quickly identify and inspect any areas of interest. Twin cameras supply low light monochrome and high frame rate colour images, while infinitely variable LED lighting enhances imaging capability in low visibility fluids.

The Optis DrillCam is typically deployed on jointed pipe, complete with a ruggedized running tool. This protective system, coupled with the ability to flush an optically clear fluid directly to the zone of interest, helps deliver a quality picture – whatever the wellbore conditions. Connection from the camera to the surface control unit is made via an umbilical, which is typically strapped to the outside of the pipe, allowing real-time images to be transmitted to the surface without the requirement for electric line cable. Alternatively, the system may be deployed on a tugger line or armoured umbilical, providing the same high frame rate, real-time images for the inspection of shallow assemblies or areas inaccessible to jointed pipe.

For deeper applications, EV’s real-time or memory Optis camera systems can be deployed through the centre bore of drill pipe, via electric-line or slickline conveyance. This provides the same exceptional imaging performance and circulation capability, while extending the working range for the operation. This configuration has proven especially beneficial for heavy-duty fishing interventions, where real-time visual feedback helps to significantly improve operational performance and reduce the risk of further escalation of the issue.

Applications include:

  • Subsea wellhead profiling
  • Subsea horizontal tree crown plugs seal faces
  • BOP internal inspection
  • Thread and seal assembly inspection
  • Location and recovery of dropped objects and fishes
  • Inspection of milled or cut pipe faces
  • Casing and tubing hanger inspection
  • Bubble / leak-off tests during P&A operations
  • Assessment of plug integrity






EV’s M125 camera provides vivid, full colour video at thirty frames per second as a reliable and cost effective solution to well diagnosis problems.

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Optis DrillCam

Optis® DrillCam real-time camera is a continuous rotate and tilt camera designed to provide full hemispherical recording capability, ideal for sub-sea applications.

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