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We Are Hiring: Canadian Sales & Operations Administrator

We Are Hiring: Canadian Sales & Operations Administrator


EV is looking to build an expanding team for Canadian Sales and Operations due to substantial regional growth.

As part of this exciting team, you will provide administrative duties in supporting the continued success of EV’s growing business.

EV focuses not only on operating top tier tools but also being the “Go To” provider in well diagnosis services. Our role is to gather well data, process and present it so that our clients have a clear understanding of the well conditions. This means that our personnel needs to understand and strive to learn all the well aspects that may affect the operational objectives EV are tasked to perform.

The business is run on a set of very clear Values that drive our successful culture:

  • EVolving a profitable business as a trusted partner that delivers on our promises
  • EVolving the team, our skills, and capabilities and providing career development opportunities
  • EVolving the quality of our services through technical innovation and operational excellence
  • EVolving the experience for our customers by solving their problems and adding value to their business


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If you would like to be considered for this role, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to Careers@evcam.com for the attention of Canadian Region Manager.