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Norway Technology Seminar 29th June

Norway Technology Seminar 29th June


Thursday 29 June, Hummeren Hotel
Registration and Refreshments Open At 10:00am
Technical Talks start At 11:15am and 12.15am.

EV would like to welcome new and existing customers to EV’s first annual technical seminar in Norway at the Hummeren Hotel, Stavanger.  This event will be a great opportunity to understand the advanced capabilities that prove EV are the number one choice for Downhole Video Analytics.  EV will showcase how the combination of HD video and multi-sensor data delivers life of well diagnostic solutions for well integrity and well performance.

Presentation Room (Technical Talks start at 11:15am and 12.15am)

(1) Advanced Well Integrity Diagnosis

(i) HD video and multi sensor results
(ii) Doing more with your data

(2) Maximising the Effectiveness of Well Stimulation Operations

(i) The challenge and critical factors for well stimulation
(ii) Video analytics as a strategic tool

Technology Showcase Room (10:00am to 2:00pm)

We would love to see all of our customers and service partners attend.

RSVP: marketing@evcam.com