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Sand Diagnostics

Sand Diagnostics


Identifying sand at source for confident elimination  

Sand can impede wellbore access, erode downhole well components and surface equipment and may ultimately lead to well shutdowns. Other sand-related challenges include loss of production from wellbore blockages, the inability to intervene in the reservoir, perforation tunnel collapse, or the clogging of sand control completions.

Through intuitive quantitative visual analysis, derived from multiple data sources, EV’s holistic sand diagnostic solution provides detailed intelligence to help eliminate sand entry at source, and:

  • Provides a detailed assessment of sand remaining and sand build up
  • Offers quantitative visual inspections to confirm wellbore access and to confirm safe passage and wellbore accessibility for clean-up operations
  • Optimizes clean outs and reduces the number of downhole trips
  • Improves risk management and decision making for sand control strategy
  • Extends the life of the well

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