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Leak Diagnostics

Leak Diagnostics


Making the right decision, first time

The accurate and real-time detection and location of barrier leaks within the well system is crucial to well integrity with - in worst case scenarios - such leaks leading to production shutdowns or completion workovers.

EV’s unique vision assisted leak diagnostic service ensures that the right decisions are made the first time rather than embarking on costly, time-consuming blind interventions, helping customers intuitively:

  • Locate and diagnose the detailed root causes of leaks in a single run
  • Visually confirm in high resolution where the leak is
  • Combine noise and temperature data measurements with visual and combined with intuitive visual analysis
  • Put in place decisive and immediate remedial action
  • Support the quantitative evaluation of damage to completion or tubing components
  • Confirm the success of remedial work through post-treatment surveys
  • Reduce costs and avoid workovers
  • Increase well integrity and production performance

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