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Fish Diagnostics

Fish Diagnostics


Clarity of understanding, real-time decisions

Whether the remnants of a broken drill string or other objects unintentionally dropped down the wellbore, wellbore fish can cause significant issues to customers in regard to production optimization. Conventional methods, however, are often based on ‘guestimates’ as to their size, location, position or condition. This can lead to complicated operations or well workovers, if unsuccessful.

EV’s comprehensive fish diagnostic service provides clarity of understanding and real-time decisions, presenting customers with: 

  • Image dimensioning and quantifiable visual inspections
  • Locating, measuring and real-time retrieving of wellbore fish
  • Visual clarity on the positions and conditions of wellbore fish and accessibility for fishing tools
  • An end to failed fishing attempts and optimizing of future runs
  • The avoidance of workovers and reduced costs
  • Increased production

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