EV’s Optis® technologies provide the complete picture of production and integrity to the upstream energy sector. Through the combination of world-leading video systems with a pump-down, pigable carriage system, EV’s Optis® PigCam® provides comprehensive visual assessment of pipeline condition and status.

Whether on the seabed or on land, pipelines provide the vital link between source, refinery and distribution network, without which today’s energy and petrochemical needs could not be satisfied. With this dependency, and with pipeline networks spanning thousands of miles globally, the challenge of flow assurance and maintaining structural integrity is both complex and of critical importance.

With its flexible carriage system and high-capacity memory recording capability, Optis® PigCam® enables pipeline operators to obtain direct visual assessment of every inch of their most valuable assets with a simple, cost-effective intervention system. Equipped with this information, pipeline operators can identify and understand factors that may impact transport performance and combat them through carefully targeted remedial actions.

Optis® PigCam® may be run stand-alone, or combined with other intelligent pigging solutions, for routine inspections or for confirmation of successful remediation. As part of the Optis® technology family, PigCam® provides direct visual feedback in the field, or may be analysed in detail with electro-mechanical, magnetic or ultrasonic measurements in a combined analysis suite.

Applications include:

  • Identifying sites of deposition of scales, asphalts or waxes
  • Inspection and monitoring of corrosion and erosion
  • Mechanical damage inspection
  • Identifying the formation and location of hydrates or salts
  • Verifying successful clean-out of unwanted solids or liquids
  • Pre-commissioning checks or leak detection in established pipelines




The Optis® PigCam® is a non-tethered system that provides up to five hours of colour video footage for the internal inspection of pipelines. The camera is adaptable and has various pig bodies to suit pipeline size and application.

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