For well intervention, there is no such thing as a routine job. Every run in hole comes with a unique set of risks and variables that need to be known and managed. We believe that collaboration is key to simplifying the complexity, increasing efficiency and driving down the cost of well interventions.

Collaborative practices are the future of business, not just for energy, but for every industry and on a global scale. We believe that experts do the best job, and that by working together with our customers and partners, we deliver a service that is of greater value than the sum of its component parts. We work with everyone, and our go-anywhere technology, combined with our agile business model, allows us to respond to any request, on any type of conveyance and with any service provider.

But EV’s collaborative approach doesn’t end there. Through our unique, in-house expertise in technology and system design, we provide the ability to open our architecture and integrate it with those of our chosen partners. With this approach we put “eyes on the job” via video-enabled bottom hole assemblies that deliver real-time, decision-enabling information during well operations. Through the application of these seamless intervention systems, we assist our partners in eliminating uncertainty, mitigating risk and maximising operational efficiency. The result? Cost-effective services that enhance productivity.

To find out more about EV’s technology partnerships, or to discuss potential integrated video technology applications, please contact a member of the EV sales team.