Jonathan Thursby is EV’s Chief Technical Officer with extensive experience in the oil and energy industry.

Jonathan began his career in the film and TV industry in 1992, filming in extreme sports environments, such as the World Rally Championship, Formula 1 and Round the World Yacht Racing. Drawing on the knowledge gained from these extreme sports, he transitioned into the oil industry in 2000, founding EV.

During his time at EV, Jonathan has led the development of a number of ‘firsts’, including the first-ever colour downhole images (2011). Further innovations led to the revolutionary 360-degree "Infinity" camera. This game-changing technology, changed how the industry approached data analysis and decision-making processes. More recently, recognizing the transformative potential of AI, Jonathan has spearheaded integrated cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques into the image processing workflows. By harnessing the power of AI, EV is pioneering a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and automation in analysing and interpreting visual data.

Jonathan is based at the EV Technology Centre in Norwich, England, where he leads the technical development team.