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Well Integrity


Ensuring the integrity of well stock has become a core competency of operators around the world.  EV’s downhole video and integrated sensors technology is playing an increasing role in that – full colour video is changing the way that downhole cameras are used for well integrity, integrated sensors add further understanding of the issues at hand.

Colour pictures from EV’s technology can either supplement or replace traditional logging methods.  Colour images show details of metal changes, corrosion, pitting or wear that no other sensor can deliver, eliminating guess work, or complementing the interpretation of challenging issues.

  • The Integrated Video Caliper (IVC), provides the unique advantage of HD full-colour video, in a single tool with industry leading 24 finger or 40 finger caliper measurements, to deliver one of the most comprehensive Well Integrity answer products in the industry
  • Using EV’s Electric Line camera with sideview is a proven method to inspect safety valves and well integrity issues up close
  • Our RT-120 drillpipe camera is ideal for wellhead and subsea BOP inspection with hundreds of runs
  • Our Optis™ HD Memory camera, run on slickline or coiled tubing, can record up to 5 hours of High Definition, full-colour video and is ideal for adding to the bottom of a caliper tool for gas or water injector wells.

Pressure during fracking can cause occasional well integrity problems.  Cameras are one of the safest and simplest means to determine what has happened.

Where the annulus is at a higher pressure than the wellbore, camera technology can be used either as a stand-alone leak detection technology or, combined with Caliper, Pressure, Temperature, CCL and Gamma to obtain more comprehensive information.

Cameras, integrated with various sensors, can be deployed either as a diagnostic tool or as an effective preventative measure.  Often we get called to look at milling jobs that have gone wrong with disastrous impacts on the well integrity.  Getting a detailed image of the object to be milled, before the operation takes place, will ensure that the correct mill is selected, thus avoiding the occurrence of any damage in the first place.