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Production Enhancement


 If you have a gas well starting to produce water or a high water cut well where you want to decrease water and increase oil production, EV’s downhole video technology can help. 

 Similarly, when horizontal shale gas wells start to produce water the impact on production can be material.  Not only do you have the cost of disposing of the water, the load up of water can significantly reduce gas production.  Array production logging tools are complex, costly to deploy and relatively fragile. Interpretation requires expertise and time. 

 EV’s Optis™ technology provides a different alternative by combining video with essential production log sensors. The video can visually identify the flow regimes and points of water entry without the need for interpretation, and when necessary, Pressure, Temperature, CCL, Gamma and in-line Spinner can further enhance the understanding of the downhole environment if included on the same run in-hole.

  • Optis™ VMPL (Video Memory Production Log), combines our Memory camera with traditional production logging sensors in a compact, cost-effective and rugged string ideal for deployment on coiled tubing or slickline. 

  • Optis™ LWV (Logging While Videoing), is the only solution in the industry that provides a real-time log with video inspection in the same string. LWV combines our E-Line HD camera with Pressure, Temperature, CCL and Gamma, and can be deployed on E-Coil or any mono-conductor or multi-conductor cable. 

 In vertical gas wells complex flow regimes are often seen with slugging and fallback making interpretation difficult.  The addition of a video image can, in some instances, greatly assist in interpretation.

 In a high water cut well detecting the entry of oil can be challenging with traditional sensors.  EV’s video technology will allow you to see which individual perforations are producing and thus make effective water shut-off decisions.  In deviated wells separation happens very quickly above the perforations making video viable in lower water cuts.

 The unmatched high-quality of EV full colour video, with industry standard sensors enable you to fully understand what is happening in your well.