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We Are Hiring: Graduate Software Engineer

We Are Hiring: Graduate Software Engineer


EV is excited to announce the vacancy of a new team member requirement for our software engineering group. EV requires a Graduate Software Engineer to join our team, due to the continued growth of our operations.

As part of the R&D Team your core role will be to research, design, develop and test state-of-the-art video acquisition and playback systems to support EV’s current and future generations of visual diagnostic and visual analytic services.

As a company, we’re single-minded in our quest to resolve downhole issues through visual information. We are innovators with the visual analytic capability, complementary technology, and the partnerships in place to provide our customers with the complete picture of downhole issues and how they can best be resolved.

Our global team of highly experienced specialists have the technical know-how, training and ambition required to help our customers solve the key challenges faced by the industry today, tomorrow and into the future. Every one of the EV team plays a vital role in supporting our mission and our position at the pinnacle of downhole visual analytics.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and through our shared values in EVolution, we continually set new standards in service provision and the delivery of game changing solutions:

  • EVolving a profitable business as a trusted partner that delivers on our promises
  • EVolving the team, our skills and capabilities and providing career development opportunities
  • EVolving the quality of our services through technical innovation and operational excellence
  • EVolving the experience for our customers by solving their problems and adding value to their business


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If you would like to be considered for this role, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to Careers@evcam.com for the attention of EV Technology Team.