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Steve Burger Invited to Chair OWI Event

Steve Burger Invited to Chair OWI Event


EV's very own Regional Manager, Steve Burger is honoured to accept a role of Chairman at the show. With eleven years’ of downhole video and cased hole logging experience, Steve has spent his career understanding client challenges and advising on solutions to maximise success.
Over the past five years, Steve has been leading an outstanding team and creating value for operators across South East Asia which has created respect and acknowledgement within the region.
Steve and his team have become real experts in using EV's application of advanced visual techniques to gain successful reactivation and first-time remediation of idle wells. Furthermore, his team understand how visual analytics can provide assurances and de-risk workover operations and analyse real world examples of how you can optimise workovers, P&A and recompletions projects.
If you believe you have challenges and problems then Steve and his team would love for you to get in touch.
If you would like to attend the show or just meet with Steve and his team to discuss your challenges then please click here