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EV Technology Centre

EV Technology Centre


We at EV are passionate innovators determined to keep one step ahead, constantly pushing the boundaries of diagnostic well intervention technologies.

Crucial to this is our EV Technology Centre, a highly-focused facility dedicated to the development and production of downhole video and data acquisition technologies.

Within the unit are experts in sensor technologies, research and development, electronics and systems design, mechanical engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and quality control.

It is here that EV’s technologies are conceptualised, designed, assembled, and tested; ensuring EV’s systems are the most advanced and respected within the industry. 

The EV Technology Centre also gives technical, maintenance and training support for our operating centres around the world, ensuring a constant updating of know-how and expertise between field operations and our technical support teams.

Within the two thousand two hundred square metre facility are numerous specialist pieces of high spec test equipment, which ensure the delivery of the highest quality products to meet customer requirements.

These include ovens for testing partial or complete assemblies at up to 200 Degrees Celsius. A facility for pressure testing equipment at up to 1400 bar. There are also three test pipes complete with flow control for replicating well bore conditions, which put cameras through their paces in a variety of fluid types and turbidity.

EV’s Technology Centre is dedicated to meeting future customer needs with more unrivalled, world beating developments. 

Unbeatable visual technology, whatever the environment.