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EV Require Global Marketing Manager

EV Require Global Marketing Manager



EV is delighted to be looking for a new global Marketing Manager to support and help drive new UK and international business growth.  From our roots in the glamourous world of motorsport camera services including F1, WRC, BRC, BTCC and Top Gear, EV have continued to evolve as an exciting brand, designing, developing and operating market leading camera systems around the world in the most demanding and extreme conditions.  

Today, the EV brand is leader in the Oil & Gas Visual Diagnostics™ market where EV continue to innovate and deliver best in class video led solutions. EV brings together the know how of our specialized people and the unrivalled capabilities of our technology to deliver a unique high value solution to our customers.

The EV Visual Diagnostics™ solution provides timely insight and information to well operators, helping them understand and thereby resolve their most complex wellbore issues. EV generates vivid, HD color images in real time together with new quantitative measurements, providing the EV customers with highly intuitive answers and instant visual and dimensional understanding of their wellbore challenges thereby helping them plan their next move with precision, reduce risk and increase operational performance.

The global team members that drive the business follow a set of very clear Values which describe, explain and demonstrate our successful culture: 

  • EVolving a profitable business as a trusted partner that delivers on our promises
  • EVolving the team, our skills, and capabilities and providing career development opportunities
  • EVolving the quality of our services through technical innovation and operational excellence
  • EVolving the experience for our customers by solving their problems and adding value to their business

EV are seeking an energetic, creative innovative and experienced marketing expert to join our elite management team and help EV continue our journey of EVolution. If you feel you have the interest in this visual sector together with the experience, drive and passion to become part of the winning team, then EV would love to hear from you.

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If you would like to be considered for this role, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to Careers@evcam.com for the attention of Sales & Marketing Director by July 16th 2018.