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EV Management Team

fraser head shot
Fraser Louden, Chief Executive Officer

Bringing over 30 years’ of industry experience to the role, Fraser has held a number of positions within the industry - including 17 years with Schlumberger - in global management and leadership posts. His career has also seen him work as managing director, and subsequently as chief executive officer of READ Well Services and Reservoir Group.

Fraser is passionate about driving forward EV's market leading service offering and innovative solutions, for which the company has an excellent global reputation.


Jonathan Thursby, Chief Technology Director / Founder

EV was founded by Technical Director, Jonathan Thursby, in 2000. Jonathan successfully adapted video camera technology, which he had initially developed for use in televising automotive sports events.  He created ground-breaking video techniques used by, amongst others, Formula 1™, the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and the BBC’s Top Gear series.

Jonathan is the brains behind EV's continued advancements in technology to remain the market leader and push the boundaries faced by our client's challenges.  As passionate as the day he started with his camera, aged just 14, Jonathan is a true pioneer and EV are delighted to have him on board.



John Houston, Chief Financial Officer

Bringing over 25 years’ of industry experience to the role, John has held a number Financial Management positions within the industry.  His career has seen him work with Halliburton, GE and most recently the CFO at Dolphin Drilling. 

Tobben Tymons, Global Sales & Marketing Director.

Tobben has the remit of leading the company’s commercial organisation, driving excellence, revenue growth and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Tobben’s international intelligence, technical foundations and commercial experience provide value to the EV team and our partners.

Peter Burton, Eastern Hemisphere Manager

With over 35 years' in the business with over 20 in operational management, Peter is at the heart of EV operations in the Eastern Hemisphere.  

A major part of the substantial growth of EV has seen Peter take on a successful role as his team continues to remain the market leader within the Eastern Hemisphere.     

Carl Strubberg, Western Hemisphere Manager

Carl's outstanding experience includes 30 years at Schlumberger holding key positions including GoM Wireline Mgr, Deep Water & Operations Support Mgr for Wireline world-wide & VP of Wireline North America, followed by 6 years at Welltec as their Sr VP of Americas.  

Carl is an industry expert and is extremely well known and highly respected in the industry. Carl brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and will help direct EV along our growth journey in North and South America.