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About Us

EV has a clear Vision to be the Market leaders in Downhole Visual Analytics.  

EV brings together the know how of our people with the unrivalled capabilities of our technology to deliver Visual Reality to our Customers.


EV specialise in visual well diagnosis to provide timely insight to well operators, helping them to understand and resolve their most complex wellbore issues. EV generate vivid, visual diagnostic information and present it simply to deliver highly intuitive answers and instant understanding directly to the well site.

Our global team of specialists allow our customers to plan their next move with precision, helping to reduce risk and increase operational performance. EV first gained acclaim for engineering ruggedized cameras for televising extreme sports. 


Well integrity, Production enhancement, Fishing evaluation, Mechanical inspection, Pre/Post Milling damage assessment, Pre/Post scale clean-up appraisal, Water/gas/oil/sand entry detection, Scale, salt or hydrate identification, Obstruction diagnosis